IXth International Conference on Urban History

August 27-30, 2008

Lyon France
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  1. M01 - Around the property (XIIth-XVIIIth century)
  2. M02 - Citizens and soldiers in early modern Europe
  3. M03 - Computer science in urban history
  4. M04 - Cosmopolitanism and the city: urban production and consumption 1600-1800
  5. M05 - Disability and the City : European Perspectives
  6. M06 - Environmental and Social Inequalities in the City since 1800
  7. M07 - European resorts and ports 1700-2000
  8. M08 - Framing identities, building political organizations. The construction of urban political identities in Late Medieval Western Europe
  9. M09 - Urban Planning and the Pursuit of Happiness (Renaissance-present)
  10. M10 - Popular Housing and social control in the European cities, XVIIIth-XXth centuries
  11. M11 - Port Cities: Social, Cultural, and Built Repositories of Globalization and Networking in the 19th and 20th Century
  12. M12 - Public services and urban politics in European cities, 14th to 18th centuries
  13. M13 - Punishing the city from the Antiquity to the modern time
  14. M14 - Shopping and Housing: Shops, Merchants’ Houses and the Market Place in Europe in the Early Modern Age
  15. M15 - The foreign Policy of Western Cities (XIVth-XVIIth Centuries)
  16. M16 - The integration of economic immigrants in early modern and industrialising cities.
  17. M17 - Lyon regarded from elsewhere (1245-1800): exchanges, contests and perceptions.
  18. M18 - Urban Governance Since 1945: State, Welfare and Civic Society.
  19. M19 - From chronicles to novels. European cities and literary sources from the 15th to the 19th century
  20. M20 - Big Buildings - Concepts of Competition and Order since the 19th Century
  21. M21 - Laughing in the city, laughing at the city. Humour, wit and modern urban life
  22. M22 - Authoritarian Urbanisms: Politics and Design in European Communist and Fascist Cities Since 1917
  23. M23 - Petites villes de montagne en Europe, moyen-âge/époque moderne
  24. S01 - XIXth century cities : historical knowledge and urbanistic references in the XXth century
  25. S03 - Cities and Revolutions in Latin America
  26. S04 - Dancing with the enemy? Cultural and social relations in cities occupied by french troops (1792-1815)
  27. S05 - Demographic catastrophes, social mobility and urban growth in modern Europe
  28. S06 - Urban Society as a Producer and a Product of Space. Historians of the City and Henri Lefebvre after 35 years.
  29. S07 - Le polycentrisme religieux urbain
  30. S08 - The Practice of Comparison : The Sources of a Compared History of European Cities (Urban Utilities and Public Works, XVIIIth-XXth century)
  31. S09 - Mapping the Hinterland : Economic, Commercial and Political Networks behind Gateway Cities
  32. S10 - Mediterranean harbour towns and foreign traders settlements: a comparison in Medieval and Modern times
  33. S11 - Migration/displacement and the dissemination of urban planning expertise in the mid 20th Century in non-Western areas
  34. S12 - Sanatoriums and the city
  35. S13 - Self-Representation and Public Culture of the Balkan Urban Classes
  36. S14 - Small European towns and their urban history in the twentieth century
  37. S15 - The artistic districts : between urban economy and social uses of the city (XVth-XIXth centuries)
  38. S16 - The Baltic Sea Region 1700-1900. Trade, credits and family relations across the sea.
  39. S17 - The City in the eye of Law. Comparative History (Middle Age- XIXth century)
  40. S18 - The importance of being green: urban development and green areas
  41. S19 - The Post-Socialist City. Continuity and Change in Urban Space and Imagery
  42. S20 - The powers and the circulation of urban elites (Europe, XVIth-XVIIIth centuries)
  43. S21 - The rise and fall of urban cultural industries: place-bound dynamics of urban cultural industries
  44. S22 - Underground the very forbidden urban space
  45. S23 - The University and the City – Partnership or Rivalry?
  46. S24 - Urban diversity: Planning and defining vs. living and experiencing
  47. S25 - Visionary Urbanism: Photographic, Filmic and Digital Representation
  48. S26 - Writing Urban History : [Multi]Disciplinary Comparisons
  49. S27 - Urbanisation and changing administrative borders
  50. S28 - Innovative Cities from the Renaissance to 2000
  51. TR1 - Transnational Urbanism in the Americas
  52. TR2 - Medieval and early modern
  53. TR3 - Modern and contemporary
  54. TR4 - Generalization and Synthesis in European Urban History
  55. TR5 - Projets urbains et mémoires sociales : l’exemple des quartiers des Etats-Unis et de Gerland (projection-débat)
  56. TR6 - L’histoire urbaine en revue(s)