IXth International Conference on Urban History

August 27-30, 2008

Lyon France
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Popular Housing and social control in the European cities, XVIIIth-XXth centuries

Since the beginning of the 1980’s, the popular districts of many towns in Europe have been the scene of "urban violences". These events were largely interpreted by the sociologists and the politists, but led to very few historical studies. However, the question of the social control exerted by the authorities upon the inhabitants of the popular zones of residences is a well known question of the historians of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries. The question of the new shapes of popular housing requires the attention of the historians, as for instance,the « Habitation à bon marché » or the great buildings erected during the second part of the XXth century. The aim of this workshop is thus to invite the researchers to work over the long duration of the urban history, by combining a social history of the urban populations with an history of the representations of the urban spaces. The proposals should be related to :
- public policies led in order to obtain a certain form of social harmony in the city or at least to guarantee the law and order.
- attitudes of the inhabitants, original constructions of solidarity of proximity (neighbourhood’s watches, associations of mutual aid, councils of residents).
- construction, ambivalences and impact of the police regards on the popular housing.

Session conveners:

  • Catherine Denys
  • Thibault Tellier

Session type: Main

Classification: EM/M - Early Modern to Modern


A harmonious society of all classes? Manufacturers and social relationships in the Northern English Town: Halifax, c.1840-c.1850

Author(s): Iwama, Toshihiko 

Contrôle social et logements sociaux à Rome au XXème siècle

Author(s): Salsano, Fernando ; Sotgia, Alice 

Invisible boundaries: domesticating the Antwerp Seefhoek neighbourhood and its ‘cités ouvrières’ during the final quarter of the nineteenth century

Author(s): Van Houtven, Stephanie 

Les transformations de l'ordre social et urbain par ses marges : Gerland (Lyon) 1920-1980.

Author(s): Vogel, Marie 

Logement populaire et contrôle social dans les villes européennes de 1850 à nos jours : état de la recherche/ Popular housing and social control in the European cities,1850-2000 : inventory of research

Author(s): Tellier, Thibault 

L’impact de la politique de construction d’habitat social sur la cohésion sociale d’un quartier suburbain à Madrid 1923-1936

Author(s): Vorms, Charlotte 

Theoretical and ideological discourses on the problem of lower-class housing and its town-planning implications

Author(s): Perotti, Eliana