IXth International Conference on Urban History

August 27-30, 2008

Lyon France
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Visionary Urbanism: Photographic, Filmic and Digital Representation

The representation of the urban environment holds a fundamental position in architectural history ranging from the veduta of the Italian Renaissance to contemporary digital representations. Such »visions« complement, extend, subvert or counter the representational tools of the urban designer; tools that include traditional media such as plans, diagrams, aerial photography, and computer-based modeling techniques.

Our concern is the manner in which visual representations of the urban environment have served to document, reflect or deflect urban development, and the manner in which these media have actively contributed to the construction of the urban environment. As the medium most representative of modernity, capturing the dynamic and often fleeting conditions of everyday urban life, filmic media is of particular interest.

This section addresses the extent to which visual representations (1) influence the urban environment through their production, distribution, reception and re-production, (2) are utilized as tools of communication in urban design (3) serve as both a memory of an urban environment transformed by modernization, war or natural catastrophes and as a field of experimentation for future development. »Visionary Urbanism« brings into focus the relationship between visual media and the construction of the urban environment.

Session conveners:

  • Nicole Huber
  • Ralph Stern

Session type: Specialist Session

Classification: M - Modern


Barcelona deconstructed under the gaze of José Luís Guerín in Under construction

Author(s): Marta, Marin-Domine 

Branding Budapest, a city in process

Author(s): Kravalik, Zsuzsanna 

Cold War Urban Representations: The Same Stars, Marilyn’s Wink, and a Ratty Little Bowl of Forget-Me-Nots

Author(s): Schuldenfrei, Eric 

Images of ideal cities in the conceptual projects of Radical Architecture

Author(s): Prina, Daniela Nicolosa 

Imaging the City. Venturi and Scott Brown's "Learning from Las Vegas" and the Filmic Representation of the City

Author(s): Stierli, Martino 

The City as Split Screen: Urban Identity and its Double in Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love

Author(s): Huber, Nicole 

The Man Between: Carol Reed's Berlin

Author(s): Stern, Ralph