IXth International Conference on Urban History

August 27-30, 2008

Lyon France
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Computer science in urban history

The aim is to promote a wide range of interaction between methodologies and experiences regarding digitalization and management of cartographic and thematic databases.
Experiences may differentiate between simple indexing as well as digitalisation procedures, useful for a better conservation and fruition of the documentary patrimony – e.g. through the web –, and cultural heritage conservation practices, in order to support policies for a correct management of the historical city.
A crucial topic will be the integration between cartographic and thematic sources (descriptive, quantitative or iconographic) regarding with well defined spatial and temporal dimensions. In this context, will be promoted a discussion on potentiality and weaknesses of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for historical data’s acquisition and management, and for understanding city evolution through spatial data analysis. Case studies should illustrate different levels of data integration and spatial analysis’ examples based on archive sources, regarding characteristics of city's physical structure (expansions, demolitions, building consistency and typologies, land uses, etc) as well as socio-economic aspects (population, property, ownerships, economic activities, etc).

Session conveners:

  • Brigitte Marin
  • Carlo M. Travaglini
  • Keti Lelo

Session type: Main

Classification: M - Modern


A GIS for the urban history of a Renaissance city (Ferrara, XV century)

Author(s): Aguzzoli, Milena ; Folin, Marco 

Creating European sceneries overseas during the 17th century : the Portuguese urban enterprise and the Dutch drawings through contemporary digital media

Author(s): Coelho Loureiro, Juliana ; da Silva, Maria Angélica ; Oliveira Machado, Roseline Vanessa 

De l'annuaire à l'analyse spatiale: une approche systématique des localisations commerciales à Bruxelles 1840-1997

Author(s): Grimmeau, Jean-Pierre ; Leroux, Vincent ; Wayens, Benjamin 

Dynamique de la maison médiévale de la ville de Tolède : apport de l’analyse factorielle spatialisée

Author(s): PASSINI, Jean ; PIROT, Françoise 

GIS and the registers of the Antwerp aldermen (1396-ca.1420): keys to the evaluation of space and place in late-medieval urban societies in the Low Countries

Author(s): Bisschops, Tim 

L'occupation humaine et son évolution sur le territoire de Lyon depuis les premières traces connues jusqu'à l'antiquité tardive : analyse spatiale à partir des sources archéologiques, avant l'apparition des cartes anciennes.

Author(s): Eric, Leroy ; LE MER, Anne-Catherine 

Mapping Sixteenth-Century 's-Hertogenbosch

Author(s): Hanus, Jord 

Multi dimensional data-base construction and partial evidence : Problems arising from the study of preindustrial built environments

Author(s): Perluss, Preston 

The archaeological simulation before great works: between history and project

Author(s): Iacobone, Damiano 

The development of an integrated historical GIS on the Flemish townscapes

Author(s): Buyle, Eline ; Canters, Frank ; Meylemans, Erwin ; Tys, Dries ; Verdurmen, Inge