IXth International Conference on Urban History

August 27-30, 2008

Lyon France
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Shopping and Housing: Shops, Merchants’ Houses and the Market Place in Europe in the Early Modern Age

There has been a sudden growth of interest in both domestic and commercial spaces of Early Modern European cities: this session brings both studies together to consider the open and closed spaces and buildings of European market areas. Papers will look at specialized squares and streets, the private homes of merchants and bankers, and the distinctive buildings for stores, monetary exchange and for sales. Special attention will be given to buildings and sites that enjoyed mixed uses, looking at the ways in which activities overlapped or were separated out under the same roof. This will allow us to question the divisions between private and public, the commercial and the domestic. The session will offer a comparative analysis, examining the differences and analogies between case studies at the same period (Venice, Milan, London, Antwerp, Turin, Rome, Florence). We will discuss multidisciplinary aspects of shopping and housing: the interactions between living and trading quarters, the presence and function of porticos, the connection between house and shop, the use of the public space in front of special buildings as well as the laws and customs imposing rules and control over these spaces.

Session conveners:

  • Rosa Tamborrino
  • Evelyn Welch

Session type: Main

Classification: EM - Early Modern


Accommodating the shop: the commercial use of domestic space in English provincial towns, c.1660-1740

Author(s): Stobart, Jon 

An example of a pre-industrial shopping street : the Rue Dauphine on the Paris Left Bank ( 1620-1790)

Author(s): Perluss, Preston 

Architecture and the Economic Life of Shop/houses: A Comparative Study of Amsterdam, London and Rome

Author(s): Davis, Howard 

Changing geographies and the rise of the modern auction. Transformations on the second-hand markets of 18th-century Antwerp.

Author(s): Lyna, Dries 

Commerce in Palaces: Urbanism, Retail and Elite Architecture in Early Modern Italy

Author(s): Nevola, Fabrizio 

Dalla casa del mercante alla residenza cardinalizia romana

Author(s): Bellini, Federico ; Claudia, Conforti 

Entre « commerce et vie urbaine » : les marchands, acteurs de la gestion de l’habitat. (Le cas de Lyon au XVIIIème siècle)

Author(s): VILLE, Marie-Laure 

Out of the Seggio: apothecae and markets in XV century Naples

Author(s): de Divitiis, Bianca 

Shops and palaces in Piedmont (Italy) during the Early Modern Age. The cases of Asti, Cuneo, Saluzzo and Savigliano

Author(s): Beltramo, Silvia 

The shop and the home

Author(s): Blondé, Bruno