IXth International Conference on Urban History

August 27-30, 2008

Lyon France
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 Session description

The importance of being green: urban development and green areas

This theme proposes to investigate the importance of open spaces, parks, green areas and private gardens in urban developments, with emphasis on various views on green areas in different historical periods and places. More technical consideration on the benefits of vegetation in contemporary urban centers are also part of the theme, as are aspects of water, soil and waste management, especially in mega-cities of the developing world. Sub-themes are:

1.Built-up versus open spaces in urban development history
2.The importance of vegetation and urban climate in history
3.Water, soil, solid and liquid waste and cities

Session conveners:

  • Valeria Teixeira de Paiva
  • Doris C.C.K. Kowaltowski

Session type: Specialist Session

Classification: M - Modern


Origin and development of Split's gardens and parks in relation to the continuous changes of the town's historical fortifications and its growth

Author(s): Grgic, Ana 

The Church Park - in the Heart of Lahti Landscape History

Author(s): Niskanen, Riitta 

The Modern Idea of Park and the Formation of the Urbanism in São Paulo: Der Städtebau and the British Town Planning Reception

Author(s): Lemes de Oliveira, Fabiano 

The Urban Voids in the Historic City

Author(s): Matos, Rute 

The influence of Law in the history of urban development: a case study in Ilha Grande dos Marinheiros – Southern region of Brazil.

Author(s): Ruschel, Caroline 

Thermal comfort index for outdoor spaces in altitude tropical climate: a study in an urban settlement in Campinas, Brazil

Author(s): Abreu, Loyde Vieira ; Labaki, Lucila Chebel ; Moreno, Mayra Mattos