IXth International Conference on Urban History

August 27-30, 2008

Lyon France
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Generalization and Synthesis in European Urban History

Scholarly activity among European urban historians is intense, as recent international conferences demonstrate. Yet most publications in the field are monographic or narrowly comparative. What kind of narrative is possible in this field, given the great range of cases and topical approaches? Relatively few synthetic works that tackle the urban history of the region or of a constituent nation-state have appeared in recent years.
Nevertheless, the demands of teaching the subject and presenting it effectively to students push practitioners to generalize. This session will bring together several urban specialists who have written or edited general treatments of European or of one country’s urban history. Each will discuss his or her strategies for constructing a broad-brush treatment of European cities and the problems of creating syntheses. While no formal papers will be presented, a set of questions will be circulated in advance, and the audience will be invited to comment on the problems they see either in existing syntheses or in the enterprise itself.

Session conveners:

  • Lynn Lees
  • Andrew Lees

Session type: Round Table

Classification: M - Modern


A german perspective

Author(s): Schott, Dieter 

Cities and the making of modern Europe, 1750-1914

Author(s): Lees, Andrew ; Lynn, Lees 

Editing the Cambridge Urban History of Britain

Author(s): Clark, Peter 

Editing the Histoire de l'Europe urbaine

Author(s): Pinol, Jean-Luc 

The transformation of Spanish cities, between the crisis of the colonial system (1898) and the Civil War (1936)

Author(s): Cardesín, José María ; Mirás, Jesús